Stream Setup

Stream Setup for shoutcast servers is very easy  . Below are the basic steps using winamp .
You can use any  shoutcast platform compatible software like Virtual DJ , Sam Broadcaster, Simplecast etc.
First of all you need the latest winamp and the DSP plugin that sends the music to the server.

Latest versions : Winamp 5.x – Nullsoft DSP

Install Winamp first, the DSP plugin second.

Run Winamp , go to Preferences and click on DSP/Effects. Choose the Nullsoft DSP in the right panel. A pop up window will open.

Go to the Output tab and select Output 1. Fill the following information:
Address : Server Address (IP or Hostname)
Port : The port of the stream
Password : The stream password .

We send you all the above information when you sign up for an account. You can change the stream password from within the server’s control panel.

Now you need to setup encoder settings. Go to Encoder tab and select encoder 1. Choose Mp3 or AAc+ as the encoder type and the correct bitrate for your plan (it must me the same as ordered – if you set it higher, your stream will be disabled)

The last step is on the Input tab . Here you must choose as a music source: the winamp or the soundcard line in.